About TTC

Ultimately, we see TTC growing into an international teacher’s exchange taking place annually, or twice a year, in a different city across the globe.

The Tango Teacher Co-op (TTC) is an international council of experienced Argentine tango teachers that was created to provide high level training and guidance for new and aspiring Argentine tango teachers.

TTC Tango camp is also for any tango students (advanced beginners on up)* to learn and experience high level dancing.

In other words, we’re offering you one place to get your questions answered and network with peers and the teachers you respect from around the world.

TTC is intended to strengthen, enrich, and expand the body of tango social dance knowledge. It’s designed to support and showcase the variety of ideas and information about Argentine tango as an art form.

Founder: Sabine Ibes

Sabine has been dancing her whole life and started Argentine tango in 2003. She teaches a couple of classes a week at DanceLife Ballroom in Minneapolis and travels the world to study with masters such as Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, Homer and Cristina Ladas, Gaston Torelli, Melina Brufman, Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda and many others.

“When I first started,” says Sabine, “I was confused by the different teaching styles. I was also frustrated that there wasn’t one central place for resources on being a tango teacher,  for tips on setting up a tango teaching business, or creating a tango community. I ended up learning the hard way as I went along my tango journey:  carefully observing other tango teachers around the globe.”

TTC Board

Sabine Ibes, founder and producer
Jean Mueller, Donald Rowe, Megan Harrington, Avery Harrington

TTC Team Members

Diana Devi, Janeen Rae, Paul Lohman, Jennifer Wang, Lynda Cannova, Ann Person


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