Scholarship Program

The Ed Mucha TTC Scholarship Fund

TTC is excited to announce a scholarship program that will be available to five special students. Each award will be $200 put towards the attendance at TTC 2016 — a great help to defray the costs of a very special weekend.

There are a few basic requirements:

  • You must be competent dancing both lead and follow roles.
  • You must submit two professional references (someone who is familiar with your dance experience).
  • Along with the application form (see below), you must submit a CV (curriculum vitae), resume, or personal statement.

Applications must be submitted no later than midnight, June 5, 2016. Scholarships will be awarded June 15.

Who is Ed Mucha, anyway?

This fund, established exclusively for TTC, is named in memory of Ed Mucha (“mooka”) — the “gentleman of Minneapolis tango.” He had a kindly manner guiding others through the flow of the dance. He was an early adherent, with his wife Trish, of tango and salsa in the Twin Cities. His love was as big as the sky through which he piloted his airplane. He was taken from us in 2014. A friend said: “Ed is like the sky. He will always be with us!”


Your Name

Your Address

Email Address


Your Age

1. What is your current teaching or assistant status? (pick one)

 I am a teacher I am an assistant I am a mentor I want to be one of the above

2. What is your job/dance teacher status?

 Full-time job Full-time dance instructor
 Part-time job Part-time dance instructor/assistant Full-time college student

2a. Is your annual income . . .

 below $5,000
 between $5,000 and $20,000
 over $20,000

3. Are you studying to become a teacher or improve your teaching skills?

 Yes No

4. Are there other reasons for coming to teaching camp?


5. What faculty/school do you teach/assist for?


1. Please attach a CV, Resume, or Personal Statement (file format: PDF only please)

2. Please submit the name of 2 professional reference, including contact information.

Reference 1 name:
Reference 1 email:
Reference 2 name:
Reference 2 email:


With the following questions, clearly and convincingly describe why you, the teacher/assistant, should be funded by this grant.

1. Tell us why you need this grant? What will happen if you do not receive this grant?

2. if you received this grant, how will you affect your region/area?

3. Describe your skill level as an Argentine Tango dancer.

4. How often do you dance tango? Who are/were your teachers?

5. Talk about your skill in leading and following in the tango dance.


In this group of questions, describe what you wish to accomplish by completing the TTC workshop. Are there measurable targets you can hit on the way to attaining your goal?

1. What are your goals and objectives as a teacher/assistant? Do you have business/public goals related to tango?

2. What steps (work/business plan) will you take to use skills learned from the workshop in your current activities?

Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully answers all the questions. Please be certain you have (1) answered all questions, (2) filled in all requests for information, and (3) submitted your references and CV. If you are confident everything is complete, click the submit button below. Good Luck!