Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about TCC? We may have an answer for you below! Please read through the following FAQ for a comprehensive picture of what TTC is about. If you have a question that isn’t addressed below, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you!


Q: Who is this program for?

Tango Teacher Coop has been designed for tango dancers who are active in their learning of the leading and following role. It is especially aimed at the tango dancer who is an aspiring or established professional tango teacher in search of deeper training and dialogue on the art of teaching. This person practices regularly and goes out to dance on a regular basis.

TTC is for the dancer who is not afraid to start at the beginning, someone who can embrace the idea of learning everything anew! They are ready to take on a challenge even if that means picking up a book about anatomy in order to deepen their knowledge of how to help tango students.

If you fit into one or more of the following categories the teacher track might be for you:

  • Tango teachers who want to expand their knowledge of tango, teaching techniques, and collaborate with other tango instructors in a structured learning environment.
  • Advanced tango students that now assist in class and would like more tools to help with tango instruction.
  • Advanced tango dancers who want to start or currently run a practica, tango club, or tango association.
  • Advanced tango dancers who would like to begin to teach, but don’t know where to start.
  • Advanced tango dancers who want to deepen their knowledge and understanding about the processes of study, learning and teaching in general, and the interplay of these things in the context of Argentine Tango specifically.

Q: Do I need a partner?

While it is not required, having a partner is strongly suggested. Your future ability to retain and implement what you have learned  will be increased if you have a partner to review that material once back in your local tango community.

Classes will not have problems with uneven numbers of leaders and/or followers, because many of our participants are able to both lead and follow.

Q: I am thinking about teaching tango, but I'm not sure. Can I apply for the teacher-in-training program?

You need to be an experienced tango dancer with experience in both leading and following. If this is not the case, you can bring a partner with whom you will be studying, working, and dancing through the whole program.  When being partnered up for class, you are required to stay with the partner you registered with.

Q: Do I need to participate in the meal program?

We have found that eating together is actually an intricate part of your TTC experience. It will enable you to network, to talk about subjects outside the classroom, and to be efficient with your time. Taking your meals on location, rather than seeking them out in the neighborhoods, makes for a less stressful mealtime, thereby creating a better learning environment for you.

However we understand budgets. You are under no obligation to order the meals, but know that we cannot provide for you on the spot if you change your mind when attending ( :

Q: What can I expect in the classes?

If you are a teacher in training, we assume that you are familiar with most  tango vocabulary and that you are willing to either lead and/or follow. Your main classes are geared towards learning to teach the Argentine Tango as a whole in an academic and creative way. As part of our academic approach there will be assigned  reading material. You will also be asked to do some research and watch certain videos before you arrive.

In 2016 we are focusing on “musicality.” Since tango started with the music, you as a tango mentor should be able to explain many aspects of tango music. All the teachers will give you very specific tools on a variety of music subjects.

Q: Are the milongas included in the registration price?

The Thursday evening milonga is included in the registration price.

All other   milongas (three to date, plus the Loring Pasta Bar with live music) are organized by various Minneapolis Community members and are not included in your registration price.

Q: Why is TTC special and worthwhile for both prospective teachers and students?

All the instructors have a stake in TTC, and have participated for over three years in the development of the TTC program.  TTC  weaves  its curriculum around and through the learning environment, the students, and the instructors, creating a holistic and meaningful tango experience. The past years of development and teaching  experience have been funneled and distilled to create a directed learning curriculum.  This focus allows for concentrated and clear learning objectives.

Limited enrollment and the single venue  make it easier to get to know each other, allows more time to meet and practice with new, versatile and skilled dancers, and provides more access to the amazing instructors.

The ratio of teachers to students will be high, and the focus will be on learning, practicing and developing supportive connections.

The simple act of dining together proved to be an especially enjoyable and uniquely unifying experience.

At TTC, you will also get a chance to identify talented new teachers that you may want to network with in the future.

Q: I am not interested in becoming a teacher — just want to learn to dance. What are the options?

The Student Track was created just for you. Michelle Lamb is guiding tango dance enthusiasts through 6 workshop classes designed to finesse your tango dance skills. The Student Track workshop is being hosted by Four Season’s Dance Studio. For more information click here.